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Just a little feedback from clients using Square, my credit card processing...

9/4/18, 7:56 pm

Thank you!!! Thank you!! LOVE !!

8/29/18, 7:52 pm

Very professional but fun! Earleen is very qualified, experienced and does beautiful work!! I am so very happy with the results!!♥️

8/17/18, 2:54 pm

QualityI really liked Earleen. She is very professional and knowledgeable and felt totally confident with her skills and talent. I love my new eyebrows and look forward to the freedom of not having to draw them on again.

8/6/18, 9:53 am

My eyebrows look great thanks

7/12/18, 9:34 am

Thrilled with the results, the experience, and the professionalism. I will highly recommend Asheville Permanent Makeup to anyone looking for these services!

7/8/18, 7:14 am

Earleen is such an accomplished professional and lovely person. I would not hesitate to recommend her and her work. I think she has a great make-up artist's eye!

From Emails!

My dear, you are a truly creative artist. You have restored what God gave me but time had cruelly stolen. Thankful is an understatement.


Dear Earleen,

I have been wanting to write to you for some time but have been out of town and no sooner did I return than we had family staying here who only left last night!

Anyway, I want to thank you so much for my eyebrows! The scab came off a day early and I saw the real result and was totally blown away! They look so natural and the color is perfect. I love walking into the bathroom every morning and actually seeing a face staring back at me and not a blank slate. I also want to thank you for making it painless and actually fun! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and hopefully I will get back for another eyebrow session in a few years!

You are not only beautiful yourself, but you sure know how to make others feel that way and you most definitely are a true artist!

Thank you!


Earleen's expert work was so much more than I had hoped for. She knew exactly what I wanted. My permanent eyeliner is subtle and gives my eyes just the look I want when wearing no makeup. Especially first thing in the morning or on those days I want to look make-up free. I am so pleased with how you changed my appearance.

The clinic is like being in a spa. Quiet, soothing, and completely relaxing.

Linda R

Hendersonville NC


Earleen is very knowledgeable with her craft!

I have had 2 very satisfying experiences with permanent eyeliner. I am so glad I decided to

go ahead and do that for myself.

I highly recommend Asheville permanent makeup!

Karen P

Weaverville NC


I thought about getting my eyebrows done for several years. Now I wish I hadn’t waited! What a difference it makes to have nice eyebrows from the moment you wake up! Even if I don’t have time for the whole makeup routine, with the eyebrows and a little lipstick I’m ready to go! I’ve had “thyroid” eyebrows for many years and now I have beautiful eyebrows again, just like when I was younger. Earleen is such a professional. It is so evident that she takes great pride in what she does—and she should! She is an amazing artist and a terrific person. I’m going back for my touch-up soon and I’m looking forward to it. My advice is don’t wait! Just do it!

Kerry Kathleen Finn

Waynesville, NC


"Every time I apply my make-up, I think of you! I was very nervous about getting permanent make-up but it is one of the best "beauty decisions" I've ever made. Working with you has been a joy."

You are a blessing.


Landrum, SC


What a different experience than the first time I had this done, with a different technician! I was not a bit uncomfortable, it was not as painful, and everything after was “as expected”, thanks to the aftercare instructions. This is not a joy ride by any means, but I'm so glad I had the courage to do it and I had it done by Earleen, she is a true artist and did an excellent job of fixing my first application that was 8 years old and not very good. She is precise in her technique and knew immediately what to do in my case. Her office is clean, professional and accommodating. She is also an awesome person to be around. I highly recommend Earleen!

Eileen B


Always a great experience, with your bubbly personality and professional expertise, I always walk away "pleased as punch" with my eyebrows and thankful beyond words that you are part of my life! It's like connecting with a wonderful friend every time I come and every day when I look in the mirror....I think of you!

Suzanne W

Asheville NC


I was very impressed with Earleen's professionalism and knowledge, and especially with the final result: permanent eyeliner on my upper eyelid . As an almost 70-year-old woman, I cannot tell you how great it is not to have to try to get eyeliner on straight without my glasses, or stretching my eyelid. Even better is waking up in the morning and having my eyes look awake too. I whole-heartedly recommend this procedure. Thank you Earleen.


Nebo NC


Asheville Permanent Makeup was, and is a wonderful service Earleen does for women who, because of age or health are unable to keep their eyebrows and their eyeliner filled-in. As a former cancer patient, when my eyebrows did not come back in fully, Earleen Bennett provided the services I needed so they look full again. Periodically, someone will say “ your eyebrows are so beautiful how you keep them so perfect?” They look completely natural and I don't do anything to them. Every few years I go back and have her fill-in my eyebrows. Her services are beneficial and of great value to me.

Delia W


There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for my permanent make up on my brows and eyeliner.... Most days I just put on some tinted moisturizer and some lip stain and I am good to go! I always get complements on my eye makeup and people cannot believe that it is permanent. They all would like to have it done!

Joanie A

Asheville NC


I love my eyes looking good all the time, even when I get up in the morning. I would recommend your work to everyone!

Charlene C

Asheville NC


Thank you so much for making me feel so at ease at my appointment. The atmosphere and conversation were perfect and it was over before I knew it. I would recommend no changes. Everything was perfect!

Thanks again!

Shelly A


I would like to thank Earleen Evans for making my eyebrows so beautiful. I had them done in 2011. They were sparse from over plucking. Earleen is gifted with such a wonderful talent of artistry in her field of micro-pigmentation. I felt so beautiful after she showed me my new eyebrows framing my eyes. What a pleasure it is to wake up and have eyebrows.

I am traveling from New York, back to see Earleen to have my eyebrows touched up after three years, not just because I loved her work, but also because I trust her. She is an amazing person!

D. N.

Rhinebeck NY


I believe you listened to exactly what I wanted when you permanently tattooed my eyeliner. I also believe when you did my touch-ups you took time and made me feel at ease, and you did a fabulous job. I appreciate your artistry and patience in completing the job. My thanks to you for making his a relaxing experience! I will come back for other procedures.

Charlene L

Sylva NC


I knew for about 2 years that I wanted permanent eyeliner. I searched until I was referred to you and I immediately realized that you were someone that I could trust to do a great job. I have not been disappointed. Matter of fact, it is the best thing that I could have done for myself. I never found eyeliner that really worked well for me. It always smeared by the end of the day and sometimes sooner. Now my eyes always look complete even when I wake up! In addition, no matter how hot it is or how much I might cry, my eyes always look great!

Thank you for changing my life (in a very good way),

Donna Buckner

Waynesville NC


 I have enjoyed not having to draw my eyebrows every day. They always look great. It was aggravating trying to fill in the naked spots with an eyebrow pencil.

Love it, love it, and love it!

Margaret Edwards

Asheville NC


I just wanted to say I absolutely love my brows! I cannot imagine letting anyone else work on my brows. Your work is amazing & I feel blessed to call you my "brow lady". I also love the work you do with breast cancer patients & survivors. This is a very noble & wonderful thing you do for these special women. I am looking forward to next brow touch up appointment! Talk to you soon!

-Staci Ward


I was recommended by a friend years ago to go to Earleen at Asheville

Permanent Makeup Clinic in Asheville NC, and I am delighted. I have returned for touchups since my first visit and have always been happy with the calm and beautiful surroundings, the professional treatment, as well as the great results and prices.

I am a 50-year severe burn survivor and am thrilled with my restored eyebrows,

color matching skin treatment, upper

lip cupid's bow, and eyeliner. I plan to continue to call on Earleen for

all my permanent make-up needs.

For me, why go anywhere else? I have no doubt that you will feel the same!


Asheville NC


 I have been so thrilled with my areola restoration! Although other physicians did a remarkable job with my breast reconstruction, the areola tattoos really finished it off. When I look in the mirror I can hardly tell I had a mastectomy. Thanks for your artistic gifts that bring healing.


Nora M


You are simply the best. An amazing artist, professional, and great person all around.

Anna S

Canton NC


Where can I begin to express my happiness every time I look into the mirror

and see my beautiful eyes, thanks to your permanent eyeliner techniques!

It is such a pleasure to look into the mirror and say, "My, you look

pretty!" And, I don't need any makeup since it's already there! My getting

ready to go out takes less than 10 minutes thanks to having permanent

liner, and there's no smudging or running, or uneven lines any more.

Having the permanent make-up application has been one of the best decisions

I've ever made!

Thank you, Earleen!

Constance B

Asheville NC


On June 7, 2014, I had an appointment with Earleen at Asheville Permanent Makeup to get permanent eyeliner.

I must say was so impressed with Earleen, made me feel very comfortable, as I was somewhat apprehensive as

this was my first experience with Permanent Makeup. Earleen did a great job and I would do it again. My daughter had her eyeliner done at the same time

and already looks perfect... what a beautiful job.

Thank you Earleen.

Best Regards,

Lorene B

Santee SC


I was recommended by a friend years ago to go to Earleen at Asheville

Permanent Makeup Clinic in Asheville NC, and I am delighted. I have returned for touchups since my first visit and have always been happy with the calm and beautiful surroundings, the professional treatment, as well as the great results and prices.

I am a 50-year severe burn survivor and am thrilled with my restored eyebrows,

color matching skin treatment, upper

lip cupid's bow, and eyeliner. I plan to continue to call on Earleen for

all my permanent make-up needs.

For me, why go anywhere else? I have no doubt that you will feel the same!


Asheville NC


Earleen, As a Alopecia Totalis person, thanks you for making me feel pretty again. Having my eyebrows and eyeliner done has made a world of difference for me. THANKS for giving me back my confidence back. It is worth the three and a half drive one way. You are wonderful.

Williametta B

Clintwood VA


I just had my third visit to Asheville Permanent Makeup. Earleen and I made some subtle changes to my upper/lower eyeliner, just as we did on my second visit. Love the look and have only had redoes every 2 years. So much easier than putting on full makeup every day. I am blonde and now I always have eyes!

Margo K

Asheville NC


I have had a very positive experience at Asheville Permanent Makeup. Earleen did my eyebrows perfectly. She not only did an excellent job but also was able to put me at ease during the procedure. I am a happy customer and I highly recommend her services.
Thank you!

Ellen H

Lake Lure NC


After a double mastectomy and the lengthy process of reconstruction, the tattooing of the areolas was "icing on the cake". You were so right that the tattoos do take the focus off the scars. I absolutely loved the reaction when I "flashed" a glimpse of my breast to one of my best male friends. It was priceless! It left him speechless that my breast looked so "real". It definitely was a mental boost to get that reaction from a guy! Thank you for your expertise in helping women complete the reconstruction so realistically!

Melinda G

Williston TN


I have been a customer of Asheville PMC for a number of years. I now live in Cary, N.C., which is approx. 250 miles from Asheville.

I still return to Earleen for her services. My experience with her has been exceptional and I expect to continue to visit her.


Cary NC


My experience with Asheville Permanent Makeup and Earleen was incredible (not to mention a fun personality!). I am a breast cancer survivor who had a previous areola tattoo that didn't really "take". The nurse at my plastic surgeon's office that did the original recommended I see Earleen as she is "the best". She is. That simple. As well as all of the work for breast cancer awareness and the understanding of what one goes through, I cannot give enough thanks to you!

Abby D

Alpharetta, GA 


Thank you so much for all you did for Ellen and I. What a marvelous and wonderful way to end our initial breast cancer journey. Taking care of Ellen during my appointment was absolutely out of this world amazing and delightful. We could celebrate together all the way. Ellen and I showed our scars to each other before your tattoo. Ellen looked like mounds of flesh on her chest. After her tattoo, I felt I couldn’t look anymore. She was given back her femininity. It was easier to see on her than on myself but it brought me to tears. What a gift!!! The breast cancer journey is a long one even at the shortest. Ellen and I had two years of battling. We went to lunch in Asheville and felt complete. I was amazed. Looking in the mirror I see what I should be. It looks not like a mound but me. I am delighted. I am equally delighted that you could take care of Ellen and we could have a great celebration in Asheville together!.

Thank you so much. It was much more than a tattoo.

Sue P

Charlotte NC


In December of 2005, I had the unfortunate experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer. My cancer was far enough along that I had to undergo

chemotherapy and radiation. Until you experience losing your hair (all over your entire body) and losing a breast, you cannot begin to understand what it does to your entire demeanor.

After spending all of my time and energy on healing and beating the cancer, I started on the road to putting me back together, both emotionally and physically - and believe me the physical affected the emotional. I had one very important

person in my life and on my side - Earleen Evans.

I went to Earleen for many years to get my nails done. I believe in life there are no accidents, and it was no accident that Earleen had recently started her permanent makeup practice. At first, I was a little skeptical about permanent makeup, but when only half of my eyebrows grew back after chemo, I became more interested. So, she did my eyebrows first. They looked incredible. I actually had people stop me on the street and tell my how perfect my eyebrows were. For the ones I shared my little beauty secret with, they were shocked that it was permanent makeup and commented on how natural they looked.

Now I started to feel pretty again. I started to spend more time on my makeup in the morning and got a cute haircut. I had just completed my reconstruction with Dr. Conway, and was ready for him to tattoo my areola on. Earleen told me if I was not completely satisfied she would touch it up. While Dr Conway did an excellent job, I did want more detail. Earleen worked on both areolas. They now look more natural and they match each other. They look incredible!

I have since had my eyeliner put on and now she is going to work on camouflaging some of my scar tissue.

Earleen is an awesome person, an incredible friend and very talented. She has a gift and is willing to share it with those in need. While cancer is a horrible ordeal - Earleen can help you feel whole again.

Deb Reeves

Hendersonville NC


 I had been reluctant to venture into the permanent makeup world until I saw the work of Earleen at The Asheville Permanent Makeup Clinic. When I determined that she was thoroughly, trained, skilled and licensed in this field and her facility impeccable and beautiful I turned myself over to her artistic hand. The experience was wonderful and fun and my eyebrows are now beautiful as a result

of her work. I continue to frequent her spa and clinic as needed for touchups and find that her work is exceptional and the results excellent.

Racheal Queen

Asheville NC


I have been to The Asheville Permanent Makeup Clinic several times now to have permanent eyeliner. I am extremely happy with the outcome.

It is so convenient and looks great!

Earleen is very talented and simply fantastic at what she does. She is an expert at keeping the procedure as pain free as possible and keeping you calm and relaxed.

I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Earleen!

Jill - South Carolina


When my friends recommended Earleen for makeup I was thrilled, they all looked so good at the gym even after we worked out. Now I know their secret too. I ended up with everything, but I love the eyeliner the best. Vacations are a breeze now, especially when we go on our boat at the lake. My face never comes off!!! Thanks Earleen and I will be back!

Gloria B - Seneca, SC


In December 2007 I underwent a double mastectomy and chemo. I lost my hair

and some of my eyelashes and eyebrows. In addition, the chemo sent me into full blown menopause. The following summer we had record highs which made wearing

a wig uncomfortable between hot flashes- which seemed to come and go


I met Earleen at the Asheville Permanent Makeup Clinic. Little did I know how drastic she would change my life for the better. After speaking with her and seeing the results of her work, I decided to give permanent makeup a try.

Having my eyeliner and eyebrows done gave me the courage to go out in public without the trouble of wearing a wig. I felt I looked more like a woman again. Not only has Earleen helped with my makeup and self esteem, she will be doing my areola pigmentation also.

Darlene Miller

Hendersonville, NC


"That was nothing like I expected! It was pain free and quick! I love the color

of my eyebrows. The little hair strokes are GREAT. So much more than I expected. Thank You! Thank You!"

Susan S - Hendersonville NC