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New Customized

"No Blade Brows"™ - $500 

This is my own custom technique using a special combination of machine hairstrokes simulating a natural brow that will slowly fade to a softer look over time. "No Blade Brows"™ allow colors to be adjusted as needed over time with a focus on creating a

custom look for each client. 

No two clients are the same and your brow should be designed for your face, not a stencil, not a picture you find on social media...a brow that fits YOU!

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you must wait until after this time to have your permanent makeup procedure.

Eyebrow detail appointments may be needed in some cases but not always, My return percentage for detailing is 35%. If you need a follow up appointment it is $50 within 120 days.

New Customized

"Boomer Brows"™ - $500

I specialize in eyebrow tattooing for more mature women. Just because you are older and wiser does not mean you can't

always look your best! More mature skin has special challenges that need special attention. 16 years of experience helps me specialize in options...choosing the best technique unique to meet many different skin types. We will work together using my Boomer Brow technique to find just the right color, style and technique that fits you and helps make your life easier!

New Eyeliner Top and Bottom - $500

Eyeliner detail appointments may be needed in some cases but not always, My return percentage for eyeliner detailing is 45%. If you need a follow up appointment it is $50 within 120 days.

***Please have eyelash extensions removed

BEFORE you come in for your eyeliner appointment***

You can have them done again 10 days after your eyeliner procedure...

New Eyeliner Top Only - $300

New Eyeliner Bottom Only - $300

Eyebrow Refresh - $250

Eyeliner Upper & Lower Refresh $250

Upper OR Lower Liner Only refresh $150

Refresh appointments are for previously tattooed clients who have faded at least 50%. Never tattoo too often to prevent saturation of tissue with color.

Consultation - $50

Tray set up (office visit) fee $50

Scar camouflage pricing varies depending on amount of sessions needed. Not everyone is a candidate for scar camouflage therefore a consultation is necessary.

Local Checks Only!

All checks are electronically deposited

the day of your service.

You may use a debit or credit card as well as cash.

If you are a new client and want to write a check

I will need a copy of your driver's license

to keep on file until the check clears.

No Show appointments will be invoiced and charged $50 no show fee. In order to reschedule appointment you will be invoiced NON REFUNDABLE full pre-payment for your appointment before you can rebook. My time is valuable and I have many people on a waiting list. I know things come up but if you seriously want to rebook then pre payment should not be a problem.

If you no show a second time or cancel at last minute (within 24 hours) I will not allow you to rebook at all in the future.


Permanent eyeliner can be done in very soft or quite dark colors. There are several techniques from a soft smudgy almost "not there" eyelash enhancement, to dark, straight lined, bold eyeliner. Several colors can be layered to achieve smokey effects. It is difficult to achieve a thick smudgy eyeliner in one sitting so the more eyeliner you want, you will definitely need two appointments to get a good result.


Brows frame the face, nothing sets off your look more than brows. They can be done several different ways. A soft powdery look can be done with a "wash" of color. More defined hair strokes can be done to fill in missing hairs or give a more structured look to the brow. Or a combination of powder and hair strokes can be layered to give a very natural effect. Everyone's brows are different. There are very light colors to do soft brows as well as every color of blonde, brown, taupe, brown black, charcoal or any mixture whatsoever.

Each client gets a custom look done just for them!  

So you can say

"It's My Little Secret"!

Beauty Marks

Beauty marks can be put anywhere on the face except over an existing freckle or mole. Play with a makeup pencil to find the exact right spot, Like "Marilyn" or Cindy Crawford!! It just takes a few minutes and is very reasonably priced, just the cost of a tray set up!

No one under the age of 18 can be tattooed in the state of NC.

I do not do tattoo procedures on women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

* Consultations are NOT necessary before

procedure unless you have had color changes from a previous artist, need removal of color, and it is questionable whether correction or removal is needed. You also MUST have a consultation for all scar camouflage procedures!

All procedures above include one follow up visit for only

$50 Tray Set Up fee within 120 days.

Any touch ups after that time will be subject to full refresh fee.

If you have had your permanent makeup done by me in the past...

Returning clients refresh pricing at

1/2 posted full procedure cost per session as long as you still have color. If all color is gone you will need to pay as a new client.

If you are a new client to our salon,

and you have had your makeup

done in the past by someone else,

you may be charged as if you are a new client.

Working on someone else's previous work is not always easier.... I need to see what you have before I can quote a price. 

If all color is gone from your previous permanent makeup or needs correcting you will be charged full price whether it was me or someone else who did your previous work.