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Classes Coming soon!

Boomer Brows™ Online Classes

For Permanent Makeup Professionals Only

Cosmetic Tattoo Aftercare

Boomer Brows™is an online educational program designed to help permanent makeup professionals learn about the special circumstances surrounding women over 50...The baby boomer generation and older.

There is a gap in education in our industry. Most education focuses on new pmu artists working on a younger group of women with "trendy"looks.

My classes focus on older women's skin, their special needs focusing on tattooing of eyebrows and how to deal with skin issues, tattooing challenges, techniques for great and long lasting outcomes while addressing safety and professionalism.

I will help artists of all ages learn to communicate comfortably with women that could be the age of your mothers and grandmothers. Speaking professionally while instilling confidence is an important part of providing great service.

I will show techniques with multiple types of machines and needles to implant color easily and safely.

I will show interviews with clients, medical and tattoo professionals and skin care experts to explain the difference in older skin and it's specific needs.

I will discuss contraindications that may apply when working with older skin.

With over 16 years of experience in the Permanent Makeup Industry as well as over 20k procedures provided to the general public I look forward to sharing this knowledge with my peers.

More information and pre-purchase will come in late 2019 with full classes launching in early 2020!

All Boomer Brows™ classes will be taught and coordinated by Earleen Owens.

Owens Beauty LLC