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Permanent is not necessarily permanent!


​People ask me all the time why

permanent makeup does not last forever like tattoos on your body.

The pigments used for cosmetic use are different than the inks used in body tattoos.

​The colors are formulated to look softer and more natural than body inks. That is why you see bold bright colors on traditional body tattoos and not the same types of colors you would see on an eyebrow. In turn the same soft colors used for cosmetics could not be used on body tattoos as they would not last.

Most people want a soft look, which can be a adjusted as your face changes over time and your haircolor changes. Therefore it is more favorable to have colors used that can be softened, darkened or can slowly fade away over time.

The darker the color you start with the longer it will last, but you would not want dark black or brown ink used for brows if you are blond...and dark black pigments can turn bluish or greenish over time, much like you would see in an older tattoo outline in body work.

It is important to take the advice of your cosmetic tattoo artist in choosing colors for your facial permanent makeup.

Every line of permanent cosmetic pigment is formulated differently and looks different under the skin. Just like in traditional makeup you would buy at the cosmetic counter..."red" or "blue" looks different in each line of cosmetics. You can't compare Loreal taupe pencil to Maybelline taupe pencil. They each are different.

It is difficult to predict "EXACTLY" what the color will look like once healed under your skin. We do the best we can to predict, but the same color will look slightly different on 10 different women because it is being tattooed into live canvas...your skin.

So each healed color is unique to you...

Please read all the information provided here and feel free to ask questions. Be informed!


What brands of pigment do you use?

I use LI Pigments, Permablend, Kolorsource, Cleo Colors and more!

Will I still look like myself?

Absolutely, only better. Permanent Makeup is designed to enhance your natural features. Applied correctly, it will appear from very mild to moderately dark. Permanent Makeup will never looked like conventional makeup because once healed, it is UNDER a veil of your skin. I always ere on the side of natural as it is easier to darken pigments than to lighten them.

What IS Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup is the art and science of applying pigment INTO the skin using a tattoo method. If anyone tells you differently, they are lying. Since the pigments are deposited into the dermal layer of your skin they are considered permanent. Some particles of pigment will remain in your skin indefinitely even if they are not seen by the naked eye. Permanent Makeup will fade over time and WILL need to be touched up. It is a process not a procedure and sometimes more than one application is necessary to achieve the desired result. If at any time you feel uncertain or are not comfortable with the procedure it is advised that you wait

until you feel completely sure.

How Long Will It Last?

I wish I could predict the outcome of each person's procedure but it is not possible. I have seen cases of black eyeliner that lasts for 10-15 years but this is not to be expected. Most people will need a touch up every 2-3 years. Some sooner. Many factors effect the lifespan of your makeup. Smoking, sun exposure, medications, skin treatments and illness are a large factor, with sun exposure and the use of anti aging skin care products being the leading cause of fading. Most anti aging products work on a cellular level and encourage rapid turnover in skin cells as well as lightening agents to soften dark spots. Be very careful to keep your anti aging products away from brows especially.

The darker the color you start with, the longer the color will last as a general rule. The pigments developed for permanent cosmetics are NOT the same types of inks used in traditional tattooing.

I no longer perform lip color procedures. This is a personal choice. I feel it is difficult to get a good, even, long lasting color to stay in the tissue of the lip. Lip tissue is different than skin on your face and absorbs color differently. I will be happy to discuss this with you further personally if you have questions. I am sure there are artists that perform these procedures well with good results. It is my personal choice not to do them, not an industry standard.