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If you use lash growing serums such as

Latisse or Rapid Lash please discontinue for 6 weeks

prior to your eyeliner appointment and do not

continue use until after your detail appointment. 

These serums may

cause bleeding and bruising.


Permanent eyeliner can be done in very soft or quite dark colors. There are several techniques from a soft smudgy almost "not there" eyelash enhancement, to dark,

straight lined, bold eyeliner. Several colors can be layered to achieve smokey effects. It is difficult to achieve a thick smudgy eyeliner in one sitting so the more eyeliner you want, you will definitely need two appointments to get a good result.

It is not possible to mimic the look of cosmetic eyeliners and smudging exactly with tattooed eye makeup. Tattoos are UNDER the skin, you may need to add a little powder on top of your eyeliner to achieve some looks. I can discuss this with you at your appointment time.

***Please have eyelash extensions removed BEFORE you come in for your eyeliner appointment***

You can have them done again 10 days after your eyeliner procedure...

Click on photos below for larger view and description: