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Face Masks are still REQUIRED for everyone!

Only scheduled clients allowed in office at this time.

Covid-19 Requirements at Asheville Permanent Makeup

Masks required for everyone in the office!

Only clients with scheduled appointments allowed at this time.

Masks required during procedures.

 Social distancing during my procedures is impossible so I have very strict guidance 

and rules for your safety and mine.

I will be wearing enhanced PPE and doing regular cleaning of all highly touched surfaces with approved cleaners. One of the advantages in my industry is that we were required to be extremely clean with strict requirements before Covid-19!

 Whatever your personal beliefs may be about this virus or wearing masks, in order to have a procedure done in my office you will have to follow my policies. Rules will change as time goes on and guidance will be adjusted accordingly. Please be patient and work with me to keep each of us safe and healthy and do our part to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19.


~ All clients are required to wear a mask during your procedure! ~

If you are in the waiting area with others please wear a a mask or sit far apart.

If you are not willing to wear a mask or you have a medical condition that complicates wearing a mask please contact me to re-schedule when masks are no longer mandated by my office.