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You will be given specific aftercare sheets for your procedure at the time of your appointment! 

These are some helpful general guidelines...

Cosmetic Tattoo Aftercare

Immediately following your procedure please remember your skin has been tattooed and the normal reaction is redness, swelling and tenderness for up to 72 hours.

Eyebrows usually have a mild reaction with a slight amount of redness and swelling while eyeliner is more likely to have a more severe reaction with moderate swelling and redness; remember everyone reacts differently in the healing stages so what happens with your neighbor or friend may be a completely different experience for you.

Most people have very mild irritation and heal quickly.

In general terms it takes approximately 5-7 days to “surface” heal from most procedures. The inside layers of your skin will take a few weeks to completely heal and you may have residual dryness or itching during this time.

The tattooed area will appear quite dark immediately after your procedure and during the healing process. It is important that the dark crust that dries over your tattooed area is NOT disturbed during the healing process. If you peel, pick or try to remove the crust to make the tattooed area lighter it will remove the color that is healing into your skin, making the healed result spotty and possibly losing color in some areas. It will also open your skin for possible infection. If a small area of the crust comes loose that DOES NOT mean that it is healed and you can remove the rest.

The crust that forms is nature’s bandage and your body will naturally heal beneath it as it is pushed off. It may take up to 10 days for some individuals to lose the crusted coating, be patient for best results. You will see small pieces of the crust flaking off as you softly wash or you may have flakes in your eyelashes, this is normal.

Carefully remove the flakes that are loose in your lashes so they do not get in your eyes and irritate them. Eyeliner procedures may produce a small amount of stickiness upon awakening in the morning with eyelashes clumping together. Use lukewarm water and mildly finger wash eyes to loosen. Do not use hot water or a washcloth. Pat dry after.

Good stuff! After Procedure You MAY:

DO: ALWAYS wash and dry your hands thoroughly before working around your tattooed procedure area and before applying any creams or ointments.

DO: “Finger Wash” the eyeliner area lightly using a mild cleanser or plain water and PAT DRY. No rubbing. Do not let the eyebrow area that has been tattooed soak in water...

DO: Apply cool compress to the eyeliner area for 10 minute increments up to once every hour for the first 48 hours. Do not use ice directly as this is quite shocking to your skin; cold water on a soft cloth or paper towel over the surface of your procedure area is all you need. You may use plastic eye masks as long as a wet paper barrier is placed between the mask and your skin.If you have Brows and eyeliner done together do not get the eyebrow area that has been tattooed wet!

DO: Use over the counter pain relievers if needed, they will not affect the outcome of your procedure.

DO: Shampoo your hair normally and shower being careful not to let the direct force of water hit your procedure area directly.

DO: Sleep with your head slightly elevated to help with swelling. You may have more swelling during allergy season.

EYELINER: Use over the counter eye wash, or wetting drops and any prescription eye medications after eyeliner procedure. (Do not use saline solution for contact lenses). It is not necessary to use any aftercare ointment on eyeliner area during the initial swelling and redness, these products may even make the swelling worse. Once all swelling and redness is gone a small amount of ointment may be applied to skin around the tattooed eyeliner but not directly on tattoo itself.

EYEBROWS:I will put a sealant over the top of your brows and give you specific instructions on how to care for them! No water, makeup Lotions on the brows while they heal except the cream I give will use this cream on days 6 and 7 of your healing only...

Bad stuff! Avoid for 10 days post procedure. NO EXCEPTIONS!

DO NOT Exercise excessively to cause sweating in the procedure area. Saline in sweat dilutes pigment and promotes peeling.

DO NOT Lay in the sun or have prolonged sun exposure.

DO NOT Use eyelash growing serums after eyeliner.

DO NOT Scrub the area or try to remove the crust prematurely because you think the rules do not apply to you!!!

DO NOT Use ANY makeup over your tattooed area such as mascara and eyeshadow after eyeliner, or applying powder over brows to soften the appearance. Makeup may contaminate the area causing infection and it is impossible to clean the area if makeup is applied without disturbing the crust. This is deal breaker and will ruin your procedure if you do not comply! Please be responsible with your aftercare.

DO NOT Use any anti-aging, renewing or lightening products near the procedure area including Retin-A , glycolic products, and serums. If you are in doubt about eye creams and lotions just avoid them during the healing process to eliminate possible reactions.

DO NOT Swim in chlorinated water or open water such as lakes and oceans for 10 days. Please plan accordingly.

DO NOT Apply steroid creams or peroxide.

DO NOT Wear contact lenses or mascara after eyeliner procedure until all crust is gone to avoid eye damage.

DO NOT apply false eyelashes after procedure for at least 2 weeks! You cannot be tattooed with eyelash extensions on!!!